Fine Art

Joanne Reay

Inspired by family issues, Joanne focuses on the positive side of life and portrays this in her work using a variety of mixed media

Keith Wright

Keith is inspired by hidden beauty found in the built environment and creates geometric photographic composites from images collected on his travels.

Brian Robinson

An accomplished watercolour artist who captures the atmosphere surrounding objects that are no longer in use – vehicles, boats, buildings.

Maggie Robinson

Maggie creates layered mixed media paintings exploring imaginative ways of expressing her appreciation of beautiful places, words and thoughts.

Rita Chang

Specialising in lifelike animal & wildlife paintings in acrylic, Rita particularly likes to paint the smaller creatures in the natural world.

Richard Prime

Richard’s paintings are developed from close observation of wildlife in its natural environment. He is also noted for his popular dog portraits.

Steve Elliott

Pastel paintings in contemporary style inspired by the landscape of the Peak National Park

Vivien Wilson

Botanical artist Vivien Wilson paints portraits of flowers, trees and fruit in glowing watercolour.

Rob Wilson

Working mainly in mixed media, Rob’s inspiration comes from architecture and landscapes of the North West.

Lynne Wilkinson

Lynne’s inspiration is drawn from local rolling hills, farms, animals and flowers with flamboyant use of colour and paint.

Cheryl Wilbraham

Fresh, vibrant and contemporary botanical images in watercolour. Originals, Giclee prints, cards and workshops.

Liz Wellby

Liz explores a range of images through painting and print techniques, taking a fresh look at traditional themes.

Verina Warren

Verina Warren is a renowned textile artist working in the field of fine art embroidery/ painted textiles.

Pauline Townsend

One of the UK’s leading silk painters. Vibrant paintings of flowers and stylised landscapes.

Paul Tavernor

Paul Tavernor paints original wildlife subjects in the traditional medium of oil on canvas and his highly distinctive style has won him many awards.

Sarah Sharpe

Exploration of the human condition, inspired by the written word, stories of past and present, poetry and imagination.

Suzy Shackleton

Working from her studio in Rainow, award winning felt artist Suzy Shackleton, uses traditional feltmaking techniques to create stunning wall hangings.

Tim Rose

Tim Rose paints in oil and watercolour and relates to his experience living in a city with proximity to the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

John Rattigan

John Rattigan’s art has strong decorative qualities and anthropomorphic elements, with each bird or animal taking on human characteristics.

Sandra Orme

Her vivid work not only reflects the intense hues and tones of wild open spaces, but also evokes a sense of place

Yvonne Oates

Yvonne Oates is an artist specialising in vibrant, interpretive paintings with a strong textural element.

Justine Nettleton

Justine’s painting aims to capture the beauty of the dramatic landscape.

Jenny Mather

Jenny paints in wild locations to catch saturated moments in rhythmic watercolours and rich oils. Her meditational images are based on music or poetry

Howard Levitt

Howards work is underpinned by beautiful draughtsmanship and his style is characterised by an encapsulating realism.

Mark Langley

Described as photo-realistic expressionism, Mark uses the finest draughtsmanship skills whilst expressing a mood or idea in high detail.

Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp

Ingrid offers a wide range of original work in mixed media or textiles on narrative themes, as well as Giclee prints.

Louise Jannetta

Louise is a versatile artist, she exhibits mixed media, oils, watercolours, etching and collagraphs.

Eddie Hallam

As a graduate in biology and with a qualification in conservation, Eddie has studied and worked with wildlife all his life.

Catriona Hall

Always left-facing and often rather portly, the creatures depicted by Catriona Hall are largely based on those that surround her studio on the edge of

Elizabeth Forrest

Elizabeth Forrest is a lettering artist, combining hand-made paper with painted lettering, to interpret text in a visually exciting and sensitive way.

Suzanne Cannon

Suzanne’s original oil paintings inspire the creation of handmade exclusive rugs – for those who prefer an edge to their art. Call to discuss further

Susan Burgess

Susan is an artist now based in Derbyshire having previously painted extensively in Cornwall. She paints in oils to express her emotions freely.

Adrienne Brown

Adrienne juxtaposes images creating novel and evocative meanings, using photography, photomontage and collage, developing further in textile and print

Zoë Badger

Zoë is a printmaker who produces original and colourful linocut prints.