Judith Brown

Elegant hand stitched wire jewellery with vintage haberdashery such as hooks, eyes, press studs, old lace and 100 year old mother of pearl buttons.

Brenda Ford

Working on a copper base, Brenda experiments with and explores the different physical and visual effects that combinations of glass and oxides produce

Yvonne Chadderton

Yvonne Chadderton FGA has over 30 years experience as a designer jeweller, including two years at Cartier of New Bond [...]

Karin Sheldon

Gold : Silver : Diamonds – inspiring a “Nature Walk” and a journey through “Constellation”.

Brett Payne

Brett Payne has an established reputation as a leading contemporary designer of jewellery and silverware.

Lucy Palmer

Lucy’s jewellery is inspired by stories such as myths and fairytales.

C.W. Sellors Fine Jewellery

C.W. Sellors offer a wide range of hand crafted fine British Gemstone Jewellery.

Kim-Lisa Clack

Contemporary affordable jewellery using the unique properties of heat shrink tube.